9 Easy Tips to get your body ready for Summer!


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Are you like me?  Did you casually gain extra lbs over the winter and now the thought of wearing shorts, (forget about a swim suit) is now killing you? Are you dreading summer weekend plans?  No worries! You can lose a few pounds just as quick as you gained them. It can be as simple as making a few changes to your routine and your habits.

The good news is, changing up your routine and eating habits is not rocket science. You can stop your bad addictions to soda and junk food and become addicted to the feeling of a healthy lifestyle. Here are very simple tips that WILL make a huge impact on your mind and body.

Tip 1:   Start your day in a healthy way.  Start with a cup of coffee or green tea. Switch up your breakfast each morning with protein shakes, hard boiled eggs, plain greek yogurt with berries (flavored yogurt is loaded with sugar). Prepare your own rolled oats the night before with stevia and cinnamon.  Do NOT buy the instant packets.

Tip 2:  Pack a lunch instead of ordering take-out or going for fast food. Make dinners consisting of meat and veggies with no white starch (bread, pasta).  Save some and put it over lettuce as a salad for lunch! Do not tempt yourself by the local pizza and sub shop.

Tip 3:  Don’t give up carbs – just switch to healthier ones.  Eat healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes, rolled oats, or brown rice.  Skip white bread, rice, & pasta.  Avoid combinations of sugar and carbs in cookies, cakes and treats.

Tip 4:  Drink plenty of water. Most of the time when we think we are hungry we are actually dehydrated.  A great guide to use is take your weight (in lbs), divide it by 2.5 and drink that many ounces of water a day.  So, if you weigh 156 lbs – you’ll want to drink 62-63 ounces of water a day.  It will seem like a lot at first – but it will have an immediate impact on your body (and your health).

Tip 5:  Always have healthy snacks on hand. My go-to snacks are celery sticks dipped in 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter or low fat dressing.  I also switch up the celery with apples, pears or a banana.

Tip 6:  Add a protein shake to your daily regimen.  These are great for energy, they fill you up and they can be used as a meal or a snack.  Everyone has weeded through the trial and error process of finding what protein works for them. I use Sun Warrior protein all natural vegan in chocolate. It is gluten, dairy and soy free. One scoop is only 100 calories and 0 grams of fat! I drink it in the morning or after a workout. I do eat meat however I do not like whey protein, it is very heavy. I will warn you vegan protein is plant protein and it does not have the most pleasant taste. I add a dash of naturally unsweetened cocoa powder to each shake.

Tip 7:  Join the gym near your work or home. Chances are, if you’re investing in a membership and eating healthy you will be more motivated to work out a few times a week. Does the gym scare you? You’re not alone!  Everyone in the gym had their “first day” there.  So, start by walking on the treadmill and increasing the incline to about 4.5 for 30 minutes. I always make sure I don’t eat right before the gym. I have a little caffeine directly before a workout and it does wonders. After a week of committing to the gym you will become addicted.

Tip 8:  Going out? Choose flavored vodka and club soda with lime/lemon instead of sugary cocktails. Choose dry red or white wine over the sweet wines and avoid the following:  Bloating heavy beers, sugary margaritas and blended milk drinks (like Mudslides).

Tip 9:  Check out some of our products at UCW Boutique.  We have the fun, but effective, Enhancement Creams – that are all natural and will tighten and tone your skin for Summer.  The other great product that EVERYONE loves, is our Shave Cream with HEMP.  I can’t even describe how amazing this product is – you have to try it once and you’ll be addicted.  All of our bloggers, Lisa, Kasha, Tiffany and I promote this product – because it’s awesome!

Finally, so you know, I am not claiming to be a fitness expert. I am just a girl who was never a gym rat or health guru but have acquired help from personal trainers from being in the modeling industry. I know what it’s like to just want to veg out. Once you create a routine for yourself you will look and feel too fab to stop.

Jacquelyn B


5 Fun & Easy Tips for Young Moms, New Moms & Single Moms – From a young, new, single Mom!


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When I first announced that I was pregnant, I heard many mixed opinions, of course.  However, one that I heard over and over again from friends and family was “enjoy your time and sleep now, you’ll never get it back!” And sheesh, was this true right?! Well motherhood is obviously about putting our children first, but don’t get me wrong, we just transformed our lives; we are SUPERWOMEN, and we deserve some time for US!

young mother kasha with tips for motherhood

Kasha’s 5 Easy Tips

Tip #1 –  Pick one night out of the week, even for just an hour to occupy the children/child (what works best for me is when my Avynn goes down for an hour+ nap).   I remember when she was first born everyone encouraged me to sleep while she slept. I did that for so long, until I realized both her and I were waking up with bed heads, rushing to get ready and on to appointments!

What works best is REST at night, NO MORE day naps! When the kids are occupied or resting, that is the perfect time for you to do something for you, even if just 1 hour a day!

Personally, I usually take that 1 hour a day to squeeze in a quick work-out, and jump in the shower! When she was younger I used to bring her bouncer right in the bathroom with me so I could still keep an eye on her while I relaxed in the hot shower. Before baby came along I remember it would take me almost an hour every shower, especially to shave my legs etc. After baby, I found myself rushing to get done just in case Avynn needed me.  Now, I realize that I can take that time and baby would be OK!

Also, after baby, I was introduced to an amazing shaving cream found right here at Undercover Wear Boutique. This Hemp shaving crème is my “go-to” I feel the shaving creams I used previously were too foamy and the water would knock the cream right off of my legs, and down the drain. I would then have to reapply more cream, and repeat. Now I just use a few pumps of my Hemp shaving crème and its thickness stays on my skin while I shave, adding water allows it to lather, so I am IN LOVE!

Tip #2 – What is most important about finding your free time is to decide what it is that you really need to get done.  I just find that pampering myself keeps me sane. Don’t just find time to get work done; remember you are still a strong, amazing person who gets the bonus of being called a mother!

Tip #3 – PLAN AHEAD! Organization can be so tough especially with diapers in your purse, or dirty bibs in the car, with a crazy child ruling the house! Keeping a routine will allow you to have a structured way to your day which then = less stress. And for the kiddies, that means they are adapting to a lifestyle that you have organized!

Young mother Kasha's tips for new moms

Tip #4 – Balance comes with adaption. Trying to create routines at first is tiring, once you find what works best for you, the children will adapt as well! And if you can create balance, it opens so many doors. Before having children we learned from birth how to balance whatever lifestyle we were maintaining. All that changes now is putting our needs on hold temporarily, while making sure our children are all set! But when you find this balance that is when it is most important to reward yourself!

Tip #5 – MAKE A DATE NIGHT W/YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Just because you are a parent now does not mean your fun has to end! Throw on a cute little lingerie set to spice up the night. Pick something from our “Sexy Gifts” Collection.  Find something that works for you because keeping in touch with your sexuality is key. (My personal favorite is the all-in-one “Sexy Nights Gift Package” – it has lingerie, lotions, bath bombs and more!)  Remember, YOU ARE AMAZING, you are a mother.  Plan ahead, set a date. and pamper yourself and be sexy! I feel best when I plan ahead, am well groomed, have had a relaxing shower, and I’m wearing a nice & sexy outfit!

BlackWhiteLaceSlipBed (1 of 4)

Always remember what your passions were and incorporate them into your new lifestyle! When you became a mother, your life expanded, did not end. The word ‘routine’ can sound so boring, but I guarantee you once you adapt, and child adapts, there will be room for so much growth!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!  (And just for reading all the way to the end, here’s a bonus for you!  When you shop at UCWBoutique – use my name, “Kasha” at checkout for a 10% discount on your order!)



A Few of My Fashion Faves


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messy women's closet ready for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning and time to take stock of my warmer weather wardrobe! Now that it has (dare I say it?) FINALLY stopped snowing here in New England I can start thinking about lighter clothes, springy skirts and short sleeves. As a “mature woman” (though the term unpleasantly makes me think “old lady” and is neither fun nor spirited, which I believe most of us are!) there are certain fashions that sadly can no longer grace my “mature” figureJ. I can safely say my curvier self no longer looks “cute” or “sexy” in short-shorts, miniskirts or bikinis. I don’t feel more time in the gym would totally correct this problem for me. And I am clearly stating this “For Me” as I have lots of friends and acquaintances who still look fantastic in these fashions! I am just no longer one of them.

I have always had what is referred to as a more “womanly or curvier figure”, even when I could spend hours in the gym and had gravity and youth on my side. They have since defected and I’ve had a couple kids, which forever changes a body in many large and subtle ways. Ask even the most fit, active mom you can find and she will tell you about the inevitable “pregnancy pooch” that stayed long after the baby started walking…and driving. So, with rounder edges, not much height (I’m 5’ 2” ish), and a busy, varied lifestyle I look for colors and lines that are slimming, figure flattering and easy to care for. Any Mom will tell you that kids killed their ability to wear “Dry Clean ONLY” clothing!

When shopping, I look for fashions that make me feel confident and comfortable wearing them. This means that they have to hide my flaws; most of us have some, and accentuate the positives and just look great in general. It’s also a plus to find clothes that can go from business, to casual, to dressy. I love when I can wear a dress to work, then to parent teacher conference and then to a cocktail party with maybe just a shoe and accessory change. Some of my favorite items are:

Perfect Fit Black Pants: Everyone must own a few pairs! They can be straight or wide leg and must be a perfect fit. I love them and have them in winter and summer weight wool and cotton blends. They are comfortable and can do more than double duty for all occasions, all you have to do is mix up tops, jackets and shoes. You can build an outfit for the board room or the benefit in the ballroom! There is usually a new, trendier style to try each season. You can never go wrong with the classic styles either.

Dark Wash Jeans: My absolute favorite, “Go To” item! They can go anywhere; out to dinner dressed up with heels and a sexy top, to work with a crisp shirt and jacket or casual with boots and a T! I am a fan of a mid-rise or not too low, low rise (remember that après prego pooch!) for comfort and in boot cut to make my legs look longer. Depending on what you pair them with you can go anywhere and look great!

Maxi Skirts/Dresses: These are great all year round, but especially in spring and summer! They look great with heels or flats and can be worn to work, brunch or the beach. I really like them in neutral colors like black, grey and tan because I can wear a similar colored shoe to get that leg lengthening effect I like. They are a dream to pack, wrinkles fall away when you hang them and they can be worn anywhere. For one with great versatility that I like, check out UCW Boutique for the Long Black Maxi-Dress That Converts to Maxi Skirt. It goes from dress to skirt by folding the top down and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. It is incredibly comfortable and flattering, two of my must haves!

black maxi dress that converts into skirt

Tunic Tops: I just love hip skimming tunic tops! They flatter most figure types, are very comfortable and can be very versatile. They look great with jeans, leggings or pants. I like to pair mine with low rise jeans to hide underwear peek-a-boo debacles and muffin topJ. They can be worn alone or layered to create all different looks; some with the right length can even double as a beach cover. A great one from UCW Boutique is the Black Lace Chemise/Top/Cover Up-Scandal! Pair it with a cami or tank and you have a sexy top for a night out or wear it over your favorite swimsuit at the pool. It has an amazing, flattering fit!

black lace coverupBlackFloralShearTop (4 of 5)

So now you know what this “Mature Woman” really looks for in fashionJ. Some of you may notice that I did not specifically mention “Shoes”. That is because while I love the clothing types and styles above, I absolutely LOVE shoes! They really need, and deserve, their own post….‘Till next time, thanks for reading!