While every visitor to Aruba is excited to be here, there is even more excitement at the Divi Golf villas with the arrival of 12 UndercoverWear Agents and their spouses.  No, an international group of spies hasn’t arrived, but these lucky ladies and their spouses are enjoying an all-expense paid Arubian getaway courtesy of UndercoverWear; a lingerie, spa, and romance company based out of Massachusetts. These ladies are the top sales representatives in North America and have come from across the United States and Canada to visit the paradise of Aruba.  Joining this amazing group of women are their spouses and UndercoverWear President Jamie Jamitkowski.

“This has been one of our BEST destinations for the company” said Jamitkowski, “While we have taken our Agents around the world, Aruba has been the perfect mix of sun, sand, relaxation and fun. Any company looking for a destination should put Aruba at the top of their list.”

UndercoverWear has been helping women to change their lives for over 37 years and the company’s mission is to give women an opportunity to treat themselves to something special through their products, ladies nights and phenomenal business opportunity. Of course, this includes fantastic perks such as free trips all over the world!

For many of the Agents this trip is not their first with UndercoverWear, Top Achiever Heidi Winslow explains, “I never thought that I could travel to Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Aruba and Punta Cana just for doing what I love to do.” At UndercoverWear we believe in celebrating together and truly supporting each other as Sister Agents.

Vice President, Bobbie Gingiloski has been visiting Aruba for over two decades and not only encouraged the company to return to her Happy Island, she also personally planned the trip. As a result, these women have seen all that Aruba has to offer – from amazing dinners at Papiamentos to a ride with Mama on the Kukoo Kununu bus! As a matter of fact, on nearly every tour or outing, they have met women who want to be a part of the company. Bobbie also works very hard to help other Agents build a successful business (besides planning trips). “UndercoverWear has enabled my husband and I to put our two daughters through college, build our dream home, travel the world, and help so many others achieve their goals. With the help of UndercoverWear, dreams can become your reality!”