Every woman has those few items in their wardrobe that they treasure. Those items you see hanging in your closet year after year. You know you should throw them away, but can’t bring yourself to do it.

Are those bell bottoms coming back? I hope not.
What about those genie pants? No no no
Legwarmers? Yes they tried this a year ago. Thankfully, no one caught on.

My goal today is to give you the tips you need this fall season to help you have more of those items that will stand the test of time.

Whether pretty in pastels, or going for the menswear look, coats are falls must have accessory. This season you will see lots of color, quilted and menswear silhouettes.

Camouflage gets girly, turning up on everything from apparel, lingerie, accessories and shoes.

Polka Dots still a hot trend for 2013. Try them on a pair of kitten heels, a bold sweater or that fall coat.

Embellished sweaters they are everywhere! Bold embroidery, prints or even the shredded look this is a don’t miss trend for fall. The bigger the print the better!

Accessories – This season is about bold pieces. Fur trimmed bags, chunky chain necklaces, bold earrings, charm necklaces and pendants.

This season will have a style everyone will surely love!

Happy Shopping