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When you wake up in the morning and fear your feet touching the ice cold floor, then it’s probably that time of year. You go to bed in your summer pj’s and realize in the morning that it’s time to bring out the flannel. Autumn in here!

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The leaves change color and those spicy flavors start to appear on the super market shelves. Pumpkin pies, warm apple cider, and of course egg nog, who can resist egg nog? It’s the season with two of the best holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving and the easiest wardrobe accessories, boots and scarves galore! So even though it’s sad saying goodbye to flip flops and the beach, I am more than happy to welcome the crisp air and fall activities.

One fall activity I will never grow too old for is dressing up for Halloween. I just love seeing people’s costumes and playing dress up in wacky or scary outfits. However, this year I am not looking forward to it. For the past two years I have had amazing costumes. First, I was the iconic Rosie the Riveter and if I do say so myself, I made an amazing Rosie. Very few people even recognize it is me in photos from that year and that makes me very proud. Then the following year I wanted to keep the trend of representing a strong female and I dressed as the one and only, Wonder Woman. This costume was homemade by my sister-in-law and she did a remarkable job from the head band down to the boots. At the time I had short hair so I got a wig and it completely transformed my look. At a party a longtime friend came over and introduced himself, at first I thought he was kidding until he didn’t crack a smile. I was stunned he didn’t recognize me, but once again very proud of my costume!

I am a victim to my own success. Now this year I have no clever ideas. I don’t want to be a sexy pumpkin, or damsel in distress. Many people seem to be going as zombies so that cliché is a big N-O for me. I thought about going as a flapper girl from the 20’s or maybe switch it up completely and dress up as an alien, but those ideas both seem unoriginal.  I started thinking about doing something classic, maybe a ghost or a witch? Then as I poked around a craft store I found it, the perfect twist to a Halloween classic. I found a sequined emblazed Frankenstein mask! Pair this with UndercoverWear’s Sequin Soiree and an old fashioned blazer from the thrift store and BAM I am now convinced I make the best Frankenstein monster ever. (Tooting my own horn, TOOT! TOOT!) My costume idea is complete! Now I just have to wait 30 days to wear it…