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After reading an article our marketing assistant Caitlin put on our Facebook page last week about living with big boobs, I was prompted to write my own “Tits McGee” article.

I’ve already come to terms that I will never be able to the yoga child’s pose without my boobs coming into my neck and suffocating me. I have also come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to wear a baby-doll top without looking like I am about 9 months pregnant… But what really grinds my gears, is all my friends who tell me that I am “so lucky” and they wish they had big boobs….

Being an adolescent with a big chest was by-far the worst, I am pretty sure I was the only girl in 5th grade to be wearing a bra with under-wire in it. Most girls would accuse me of “sticking my chest out” when I was just simply trying to stand up straight. Then would come the stares and comments from family member, it didn’t take long for my chest to become a hot topic around a dinner table with my mom and her three sisters.

As most of my friends already know – I like to dance all over the place. Usually when I go out with my ladies for a night of dancing I have to wear some sort of bra/shape-wear combination, whether it’s a regular bra with a sports bra, or two bras, or a shape-wear tank top that holds those puppies down for when I start bounding around like a 5 year old. If I don’t take these precautions before a night of no-holds-bards dancing, I come home with a sore chest. However I find that the most frustrating part of having big boobs is trying to find shirts and dressed that work with them. Most women’s shirts don’t compensate for giant knockers, therefore forcing the front of my shirt to be about two inches shorter than the back. Oh – and what about button down shirts? Yeah – I’m pretty sure I have a pile of buttons in my room from all the buttons that have went flying.

Now – 26 years old, I have finally learned to love my boobs. It no longer bothers me when random strangers make comments or guys look down my shirt – I usually just give them a dirty look of disgust. I enjoy my curves and have learned how to feel sexy inside my body instead of trying to hide my chest by slouching or wearing baggy shirts.