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Looking for a good read about women in military?
This should be at the top of your list.

I Am a Soldier, Too is the heart wrenching story about Jessica Lynch who was a soldier from a small town in West Virginia. She joined the military to travel the world and had dreams of becoming a teacher some day. She was deployed to Iraq  after the September 11th attacks. While serving in Iraq in 2003 her convoy was attacked and she was reported as missing in action. Eleven soldiers were killed in the ambush and five others were captured along with Lynch. They had become prisoners of war. Lynch’s best friend, Lori Piestewa received a serious head wound and died in an Iraqi civilian hospital. 21 days Lynch and others were rescued, but the controversy that followed was beyond her control. Read this detailed novel to hear her side of the story.

A group came to the hospital to rescue me. I could hear them speaking in English but I was still very afraid. Then a soldier came into the room. He tore the American flag from his uniform and he handed it to me in my hand. And he told me “We’re American soldiers, and we’re here to take you home.”
And I looked at him and I said “Yes, I am an American soldier too.”

Thank you to all of the soldiers, both veterans and active duty, who serve our country. We honor you today and everyday. You are true heroes and heroines!