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During this time of year I always try to remind myself what I am thankful for such as the roof over my head, the amount of help and support I get from my parents, and my two fantastic older brothers! I will most likely be regretting this blog post later, but for now I am going to go all sappy and give my top 10 reasons why am thankful for my two awesome older brothers Jason and Brad.484315_3848371742114_1584300741_n

10. They are the equivalent of having on call body guards. Whether it be the neighborhood bully, or the boy who broke your heart, it’s always good to have an on-call body guard.

9. They don’t just cheer for me, they hoot and holler at me like I am the star quarterback of the Patriots who just made the winning touchdown with only 3 seconds left on the clock…. at every single school play and graduation.

8. Rope-swings, cliff/bridge-jumping and canoe-flipping, three things that I probably would have never done if I had sisters.

7. They hung up my silly drawings I mailed to them in their dorm room, even if it is just a drawing of the cat sitting in the window.

6.  No matter what time or how far away they are, they will drive to me to change my flat tire or to wait for AAA with me.

5. They influence you when you’re still young enough with such things as Star Wars, Pantera and Eminem… just to make sure you grow up appreciating good music and the greatest science fiction movie ever made of all time.

4.  I will never have to hire a moving company.

3. They influenced my amazing sense of humor – poop-jokes, farting and burping… just a small list of things that I find more humorous than gross

2.  I never had to deal with the caddy “sister” fights, hair pulling, nail clawing… Instead I was put into WWE style wrestling holds until I cried uncle or my mom separated us… whatever came first.

1. No matter how long I go without talking, or how far apart they live. I know that no matter what my brothers will always be there for me when I need them.