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I think we sometimes forget the meaning of this holiday. Lately Thanksgiving is merely a precursor to Black Friday. That’s kinda sad. As the word suggests, we are supposed to “give thanks” on this special holiday. But on this Thanksgiving I really hope we all take the time to think deeply about ALL the good things in our life.

What makes us smile? What makes us laugh? What fills our hearts with love?

Even those times when we shed tears because we have lost someone near to us, we should embrace how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful people in our life.

So while I personally am thankful for much in my life, this year, I’d like to highlight my most important “Thank You’s”:

Thank You for my husband – I know he loves me and would stand by me through richness and poorness – in sickness and in health, till death do us part. Undoubtedly we will be together till one of us takes our last breath.

Thank You for my family – though they all believe “I think too much” they continually reinforce why I am important in their life. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank You for my granddaughter – the smartest, funniest most charming little girl in the universe, except for Your granddaughter, of course.

Thank You to my UndercoverWear Agents.  For over 35 years of my life, you have been a part of my family.  Whether you are someone who was with UndercoverWear back when we started, have just started with the company or are someone in-between – Thank You!  We owe everything we have to your hard work and success over the past 3 decades.

And last but not least, Thank You Danielle. Danielle is an incredibly successful UndercoverWear Agent who over the last few months has been diagnosed with a very debilitating disease. Despite her major health challenges, Danielle continues to persevere with grace, elegance, and a “this will not stop me” / “I can do anything” attitude.  And on this day of Thanksgiving, I personally want to acknowledge Danielle’s courage and strength.

Danielle is a role model for all women. She is my hero. Not because of what she has accomplished in life but because of who she is. There are times when Danielle’s body is just not cooperating but she is the type of person who really hates asking for help. So I am very thankful, when on that rare occasion, when she needs a good laugh or a short cry, she will pick up the phone and call me. And we chat and chat and chat. Together we’ve decided that Danielle can do “almost everything.”  Perfection is overrated even in the best of times.  And it’s OK to have that occasional “pity party” – but make sure you invite someone you love to “pity party” with you.  A good cry every so often works miracles.

So Danielle, on this Thanksgiving Day, I thank you for giving me the honor of being there for you when you are feeling “crappy” – “really crappy.” This is my blessing. No erase that – You are my blessing!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!