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Yankee swaps, gift grabs, white elephant, secret Santa, etc. These are all games we have grown to either love or hate. You get together with long distance relatives or maybe not so familiar colleagues and you celebrate holiday spirit with these gift exchanges. Sometimes there is a theme – one year my mother made us all bring a gift that started with the letter B. Brandy, bourbon, and beer were very popular that Christmas. Sometimes there is a price limit – $20 is common and a decent range. A $50 range is dreaded because you fear getting stuck with $50 worth of Florida oranges from your grandmother. Always there is disappointment – it’s inevitable that one person will be super enthusiastic about their gift that they purchased a little over the price range because it was too good to pass up. Then they end up going home with the questionable homemade fudge that Tina from Accounting made. She thought her personal touch made it OK to go way below the price range. Don’t be a Tina this holiday season. Here are 5 great ideas for holiday gift exchanges this year:

  1. The Sharper Image® Wireless Remote Key Finder from Bed, Bath and Beyond
    Who wouldn’t love or need this?! I lose my keys on a daily basis and can’t be bothered to make an extra set so I’m doomed to be late. This is perfect to help your colleagues get to work on time.
  2. UndercoverWear BODY with Hemp line
    I will definitely be stocking up on this spa line for swaps. Dry skin is unavoidable this time of year and BODY with Hemp will pamper and please!
  3. Mustache glasses, bottle stoppers, magnets, or better yet mustache pacifiers!
    Mustaches are in right now and have you seen this?!
  4. Takeout Menu Organizer from Uncommon Goods
    This is just smart and essential for the neat and tidy bachelor, if those exist.
  5. Red neck wine glasses
    Not much to say about this awesome gift, except it comes in College Style as well…
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