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xmas gifts

So you want to have an enjoyable and stress free holiday season?

Let’s talk about gift giving.   For something that is so joyous and giving, it causes the most stress this time of year.  Whom to buy for?  What to get them?  How much do I spend?  With all the stress around gift-giving, all the joy is quickly dissipated!  It’s gotten to the point that families, friends and co-workers all have to make decisions around gift-giving.

I know many large families have adopted the “pick a name” concept.  Instead of running around trying to figure out what everyone wants/needs, each person chooses one name. This way you can buy a more meaningful gift!

In our family we have a three-gift rule for Walter, Jamie, Cheryl and me. We buy each other three gifts:

  • Gift One is funny or stupid
  • Gift Two is a stocking stuffer
  • Gift Three is a “real” gift with a limit of $100.

Amazingly, year after year do you know what gift we all remember?  You guessed it:  The funny or stupid gift.  It seems as if those gifts bring out the creativity in our family and end up meaning more than the other gifts.


My "stupid" gift for Jamie a few years ago was a "Batgirl" figure...that he put on his office shelf.  Who knew?!??

My “stupid” gift for Jamie a few years ago was a “Batgirl” figure…that he put on his office shelf. Who knew?!??

Along the same lines, ask yourself, “Can I give something that will mean more than money?” If you can answer yes (and have the time), then you can create personal gifts. UndercoverWear’s VP of Sales Nancy Cosimini makes great date nut bread. Every Christmas, she sends me one. Honestly, I appreciate that more than if she bought me a Coach purse.

Remember that giving a gift from the heart is usually appreciated more than anything you can buy. Most everyone loves receiving a “Good for One” coupon. It could be a “Good for One Bedroom Activity” for your husband or a “Good for One Babysitting Night” for your best friend or a “Good for a Movie & McDonalds Night” with the grandkids. These gift coupons are invaluable!

If you have no time AND not a lot of money, then make sure you develop your spending budget and stick to it.  You can use your gift giving creativity.   Constructing your own “gift baskets” is much more cost efficient than buying pre-made ones & the possibilities are endless:

  • Make a “Tea for Two” basket with some varieties of tea and biscuits.
  • Make a “Spa” basket using some great BODY by UndercoverWear Products.
  • Make a “Sexy Santa” basket using Sexy BODY products and some lingerie.
  • Make a “Movie Night’ basket with a DVD, Microwave Popcorn, and candy.
  • Even make a “Superhero” basket with some action figures, a DVD and some comic books.


How about making a charitable donation in someone’s name?  Whether you choose Susan G. Komen, the ASPCA, Toys for Tots or Wounded Warriors giving back is the perfect Christmas gift.  Again, if you are short on money but have the time, volunteer for a local organization, charity or shelter.

After all, no matter what the situation is with time, money, or stress, helping those who need it is truly the spirit of Christmas and the holidays.