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There are times that this job is incredibly entertaining – and launching “Naked House Party” month in January is one of those times. I mean seriously….who actually launches a program like this besides UndercoverWear?


The entire concept started when I was talking to a consultant and he threw out the raw idea as “free advice”.  I thought it was unique, funny, and had potential.  I spun the idea off to Tiffany and then the team in Marketing and it just grew from there.

Next thing you know, I start seeing Facebook posts, Tweets, and emails pushing “Naked House Parties”.  I was getting emailed images of naked men & naked women hiding behind the UndercoverWear logo and signs promoting the parties.  I guarantee that very few 42-year old, male executives get to send emails back and forth with the subject line, “Which Naked Picture do you like more?”

From a business perspective, the idea has been even better.  We’ve had Agents, Customers and Guests embrace the concept and our Home Parties have jumped in January.  This week, after issuing a press release on Naked House Parties – UndercoverWear started getting press in everything from The Boston Globe to Worth Magazine.

It just goes to show you that in business, no idea is too silly, too crazy, (or too sexy) to work.  After all, 37 years before “Naked House Parties”, the idea of a “Home Lingerie Party” seemed too silly, crazy and sexy to ever work, too.


p.s.  One important note we discovered when putting together the “Naked House Party” campaign:  There are certain terms you should NEVER Google when trying to find fun images.  These include, but are not limited to:  “naked woman pulling rope”, “naked woman hiding”, or “naked man peeking”.  Please, don’t say we didn’t warn you.