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Winter sports can be expensive. Between purchasing your own skis/snowboard or renting and then buying a lift ticket, a weekend on the mountain can be well over $300 or more. And if you decide you want to go a little faster, snowmobiles are expensive to buy and take care of. So to counter act all the boring shoveling of heavy snow, how can you have fun in the winter and still save money (so you can splurge in the summer!)? Here are just a few ideas to enjoy and entertain yourself in the cold months:

1. Sledding – buying a cheap sled is well worth the investment. Get together with a group of friends or family members and search for a steep hill. Looking for something a little more intense? Build a pile of snow to make a jump and watch as your friends soar into the air. (Make sure to catch their facial expressions; priceless!)

2. Snow structures – don’t count this activity out! You are never to old for a good old-fashioned snow fort. As an adult you probably have a friend or two that owns a plow. Ask them to make a giant snow bank in the yard and get to work! Check out this video of an UndercoverWear employee having a little too much fun in a snow fort:

“An epic snow fort”

3. Snowball fights are always a good, bad idea. Someone might end up getting hurt or you might have the most fun you’ve had in years. You can make the decision if you and your friends or family are ready for this kind of battle.

snowball fight

4. Too cold outside? Movie marathons are always a great go to activity. Try watching your favorite movie series in one sitting. I recommend Rocky 1-6 because it appeals to someone looking for a love story and little action drama.

5. Throw an UndercoverWear party of course! As an UndercoverWear Hostess you can earn great rewards and receive your favorite products without spending a dime. Invite your friends over to shop and have a girls night!