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In one shape or form, we are all most likely guilty of this – even I… the smartphone distraction. It can be infuriating when you are on the other end of it, trying to have a conversation with someone and all of a sudden they are looking at their phone – texting someone else – and then look back up at you and say “huh? Sorry.” What ever happened to the good old days of people actually having face to face conversations?

So why is it that we find out cell phones so fascinating? Is it because at one point in time the thought of having a mini hand-held computer was something out of this world? Now… 20 years later we have a society that is filled with people who aren’t paying attention while they are walking down the street because they can’t pull themselves away from their cell phone screen. Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not an anti-smart phone person, I love my smart phone! But there is a time and place for everything, including your phone. They can help make a long commute on a train, bus or subway more tolerable. They are also good to have when you lost regardless of if you are in a car, bike, bus, or on foot.

All I am saying, is when you are out with your friends, family, significant other… put the phone away! There is no need to check facebook in the middle of dinner, and that text message can wait until later.  It’s rude to just pick up your phone and start reading text messages in the middle of someone talking to you… and your friends didn’t come to hang out with you just to sit there and watch you play on your phone all night! Give your eyes a rest, spend time with your friends and family, have conversations with them away from an illuminated screen.

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