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Recently UndercoverWear corporate office and Agents across North America gathered for a wonderful four days of training seminars, motivational speakers, and of course celebrating success. This event, Rendezvous, is held every year and is always something the UndercoverWear family looks forward to. The snow didn’t keep us away and Rendezvous was held in Rochester, MI last week.

Well this year as the Marketing Assistant, I was asked to lead a training seminar on how to use social media for business. I was thrilled and excited to take on this project. I prepared a presentation which included a virtual walk through of the tools the Agents could be using in their business. Before I began I had worked myself up to a mild panic, but my bosses assured me I was prepared and would do a great job.

My training started with Facebook. I showed Agents the basics, such as how to share and post a status. I then explained the importance of creating events for their UndercoverWear parties and how this can help prevent cancellations because of bad weather. The last thing I covered on Facebook was using hashtags and this led into my training on Twitter. I was using my laptop to show Agents all these things on a projector. They could see everything I was doing and everything was going well. Until I logged into our companies Twitter account.

Now as you know, UndercoverWear is in the romance industry. Most of our followers on social media are interested in our lingerie and intimacy toys. Some of these followers also post their own photos that are sometimes not suitable for work. Just my luck, as I logged into our Twitter one of our followers posted a rather large photo of their bare breasts. So up on the screen all you could see was…nipples.

I was mortified and I’m sure my face showed it. My first training in front of a hundred people and all they will remember is the nipples. I guess this is my own version of a “wardrobe malfunction” and like Janet Jackson, I’m sure I will never live this down.