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I have always considered myself a very lucky person to be part of a company that allows me to work with so many extra-ordinary women! UndercoverWear’s mission is to offer a product line and business opportunity that’s sole focus is to help women change their lives.

With so many demands on women today, we pride ourselves on offering products designed to help women feel pampered and treat themselves. However, what I truly love about UndercoverWear goes beyond feel good products. It’s about our feel good opportunity which allows women to go after their goals and dreams and not have to settle in life!

One of the great things of being part of a direct sales organization is that you are surrounded by women who achieve based on their drive and determination; because of dreams and passions – not because they are being told to do so. Self-Motivation is a powerful thing. It allows you to see what people are truly made of. I love that our company helps women to see something within themselves that they may not have discovered on their own.

I have just returned from UndercoverWear’s annual sales meeting where we applauded the success of many talented women who excelled in their businesses in 2013.  From Top Sales achievers, Top Recruiters, to Top Level Managers who doubled their business in 2013.  Our Gala Awards Ceremony is always a very special night. Even after 25 years of doing this I continue to be moved by the incredible success stories created each year.

The women called on stage to be applauded by their sister Agents are named the best of the best. It is the icing on the cake for going after their goals and dreams. It’s unfortunate that most women who work so hard in their traditional jobs don’t get to experience that special exhilaration, but our Agents do! And I am proud to be part of that. I am proud to be part of a company that helps women not to settle for ordinary, but go after the extra-ordinary. Congratulations to our many Achievers named at our awards ceremony last week. YOU are role models to many and I am proud to know each one of you!