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At only 25 years young I have started collecting a series of life lessons, which I have picked up from loved ones, co-workers, teammates, and even strangers. I have decided I should be sharing these lessons with others in an attempt to spread my knowledge. Now some of these lessons are quite obvious, but others are a little more unique. But big or small I believe they are important and therefor I am beginning my series today with; Important Life Lessons from the Women in My Life.


My great grandmother told me to never leave the house without earrings. She passed this on to all the women in my family and I can honestly say I feel naked if I do leave the house without them.

My grandmother taught me that I can do anything my brothers can do. There is a black and white photo of my grandmother in her 20s. She is wearing short jean shorts and a white blouse, she looks beautiful. In the photo she is also holding a pistol and aiming at a target. She loves telling me the story of how none of the men around could hit the target and she hit it on her first try. She is my inspiration to continue breaking the “lady-like” stereotype because she was beautiful, nurturing, and tough as nails.

My mother truly taught me the meaning of love. Not just love for your partner, but for people in general. She goes out of her way on a daily basis to make other people feel happy and loved. She is happy to do this without recognition and is the definition of selfless.

My sister taught me how important it is to be independent and true to yourself. She is my greatest cheerleader and encourages me to stand up for myself and never hide my opinions. I am proud to have her as my best friend and role model.

My nieces have taught me to appreciate the small things in life, like candy, doughnuts, and riding bikes down a steep hill. When I hear them laughing my only wish is to have that remote control from Click to higher the volume and rewind the moment a million times.

That’s it for now, but of course there are more to come!