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March was a busy month for UndercoverWear and we had many visitors in the home office. Some of those visitors were Agents, Jenn Rudd, Fiona Addy, and Maryann Hofing. These ladies all achieved the special I Love UndercoverWear promotion during September and October and were successful in both sales and recruiting. Just a few weeks ago they celebrated their success with an all-expense-paid trip to Boston, MA. Now why would anyone choose to visit Boston in March during a frigid, cold winter? Well these lucky ladies were wined and dined, hung out with the home office staff, took a tour of Macy’s department store and went on a $1,000 shopping spree!

Jenn explained, “Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed of this. When the opportunity presented itself, I immediately wanted it, so I went out and did what I needed to do. I did my job!” When she set her personal goal to achieve this promotion, there was no stopping her,  and Fiona was right there with her. Fiona also never thought something like this would happen to her. She rejoined UndercoverWear and as she said, “Set my focus, dug in, and wouldn’t give up until I achieved!”

While these ladies were new to this promotion, Maryann had a little experience, “This was my 3rd time achieving the I Love UndercoverWear promotion and until you do, you cannot imagine what it is like. Walking through a store and picking up garment after garment, creating new looks for business, casual, and fun outfits – oh my goodness it is amazing!”

So what did these ladies get during their shopping sprees? Jenn has been continuously working on bettering herself so she wanted the outside to match the inside. She picked out sophisticated dresses, jackets, pants, and tops. Fiona was a bargain shopper and managed to get $1,800 worth of clothes, shoes, bags, perfume, and of course bling! Then of course Maryann chose to find items to coordinate with UndercoverWear’s new Ultimate Maxi. It’s a convertible item and can be worn as both a dress and skirt! Maryann found some great leopard print jackets and shirts to match. All in all it was a very successful shopping trip!

Hear from the winners themselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5h6N9whKUg

Plus, see another I Love UndercoverWear achiever, Gina Pratico and hear how she chose an alternate prize! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usvUHxQdA0Y