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Have you seen that bright yellow light in the sky recently? Well, if you’re living in the Boston area, near UndercoverWear’s Home Office you too have probably been wondering what exactly this is and how can we get more of its warm delight. This phenomenon is known as, the sun. It’s been missing in our lives lately, but we have a theory on how to get it back. Our theory is; if we dress for it, it will come.

We are ready to dress for the sunshine! In the past few weeks UndercoverWear has released three new maxi dresses that are sure to be your summertime favorites. The first one is the Ultimate Maxi. This convertible piece can be worn as a skirt or strapless dress and with the control top you can be confident that the “girls” are secure. The next two dresses, Cotton Candy and Summer Blue have the same silhouette, which is fitted perfectly through the bustline to the hip forming an hour glass shape. Cotton Candy features a pink chevron pattern that creates a slimming effect and Summer Blue is a solid blue fabric allowing the stylist to have fun with accessories!

All three of these dresses are ready for you to purchase and add your unique touch. Remember if we just keep dressing for warm weather, it eventually will just have to come, right?