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Hi everyone! My name is Kasha Marie, I am a student, worker, and mommy to a soon-to-be 2 year old daughter; Avynn! I am a hard worker, I am very family oriented and I have an extreme love for fashion.

Also, I love a bargain! Who doesn’t right? I mean who hasn’t regretted leaving an item at the store which was to-die-for! When I’m not working, or shopping, I am modeling or spending time with my family! I actually most recently modeled here for Undercover Wear, which was an amazing experience! To be honest, before the shoot I thought the website was another Fredrick’s or lower-end VS. Once I actually arrived at the shoot and tried their items on, I was really impressed! Something simple and sexy was actually so so comfy!

BabyBlueFrillPJCouch (1 of 4)

What I loved about UCW was the fact that usually PJS are too sexy or too tacky, but these night gowns and little sleepwear outfits were actually sexy but appropriate, and actually made me feel sexy! (especially my freshly shaved legs against the fabric) haha 😉 After the shoot I also got to try out a few products straight from the website!

I am still working on convincing Avynn’s dad to whip out the Hemp Massage Oil and help these tired feet of mine, haha. But I have actually used the Hemp Shaving Cream and I’m in love with it! I am a fan of Hemp moisturizing lotion, as well as their chapstick line!

Soon after the shoot I joined the team of bloggers here! I decided to hop on board with UCW Boutique – mainly because I wanted to share my experience with women everywhere. As a mother I felt confident in their items, which every woman should. This boutique doesn’t focus on being a thin-thin woman to embrace your confidence, and that is what hooked me. I am all about embracing our beauty, in every shape and size! This website targets every woman. I feel this is somewhere each woman can embrace their sexy!

So, thank you for reading!  Tell me what you think & I look forward to talking to you more!