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A few little observations for the Over-50 ladies out there.  Rather than calling them “facts” I thought “Hot Flashes” were a little more appropriate.

Hot Flash 1

You know you’ve hit 50 when: Wait servers start calling you Ma’am.

While I love it when a Military person addresses me as “Ma’am”—when a HOT gorgeous 20 something year old male wait server does so, it’s downright painful! It’s even worse when a cute, young, sweet female uses Ma’am, you immediately think she’s treating you like her grandmother.

Hot Flash 2

You know you’ve hit 50 when: You start trying to figure out how to get rid of all the stuff you’ve collected

For me each stage of my life brought something new to collect.

At 20-years-old I collected:

  • Champagne Glasses
  • Fans
  • China
  • Silverware

At 30-years-old:

  • Designer Clothes
  • Furs,
  • Lladros
  • Jewelry

At 40-years-old:

  •  Houses
  •  Cars

Now, of course I’m trying to get rid of all that stuff. It’s amazing that when you buy something expensive it is priceless –when you’re trying to get rid of it… it is worthless. Can you say Ebay?

Hot Flash 3

You know you’ve hit 50 when: The only thing you are now collecting is anti-aging creams.

And how many have you tried? I’ve spent a ton of $$$ on every type of anti-aging gimmick–creams, lotions, machines, exercising –you name it – I’ve tried it.

Personally, I love my La Mer Cream and indulge myself despite the cost. Of course, my sister Charlene swears she read that Dove Face Cream has been proven to work just as well as La Mer.   She was also the one who told me there was no Santa Claus! Thank you Charl!

Hot Flash 4

You know you’ve hit 50 when: You start saying, 50 is the new 40

OK this one is really simple…50 is the new 50!

Hot Flash 5

You know you’ve hit 50 when: Your skirts and belts have shrunk drastically. 

Forget Scarlett O’Hara 22 inch waist, you’re lucky if you have 22 inch thighs!

So while, you may have more wisdom and maturity, you know you’ve hit 50 when you start talking about wisdom and maturity!