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Hi everyone! My name is Lisa; I am married to my best friend of twenty plus years and a working mom of a busy teen and almost tween. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family at the beach or at home cooking and watching movies, volunteering at my kid’s school and taking yoga classes or having coffee with friends. I have always enjoyed “shopping as therapy” and love to grab quality clothes and beauty products at a great price. Nothing beats finding a fabulous outfit or cozy but cute PJs at a bargain to lift your spirits after a hectic week!


Let’s face it, busy moms and working women often leave themselves off the “to do” list! One of the great things about UCW Boutique is that it makes great clothes and beauty products easily accessible and affordable. I love that the PJ’s are pretty and feminine, but also comfortable. It is so refreshing to have a variety of styles to choose from that flatter your figure, no matter your body type or size. The short sets are my faves. It is so much nicer to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and pretty while watching TV or reading, instead of feeling sloppy and worn out wearing old yoga pants and a t-shirt. I love it that I don’t have to look dumpy to be comfy. 😉

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I think that it is important to make time for yourself, especially when you are hard at work taking care of others, whether you have young children or aging parents. When you feel good you look good! Even in the midst of this harsh New England winter, when I am the least motivated to put extra time into my beauty routine, I try to take care of my skin. All the drying heat and lack of humidity leaves my skin uncomfortably dry and flaky. It is worth those few extra minutes to layer on a great moisturizer each day. I really like UCW Body Moisture Meringue; it absorbs quickly into the skin and smells amazing! Now my skin will be smooth and healthy looking when I can finally pull my tanks and shorts out of their hibernation. Taking that little bit of extra time for me helps me feel energized going into my day.

Feeling great, looking your best and taking time for yourself is what helps inspire confidence. UCW Boutique celebrates women of all shapes and sizes looking their best and being their best. I look forward to being a part of the blog team here. ‘Till next time, thanks for reading!