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When I first announced that I was pregnant, I heard many mixed opinions, of course.  However, one that I heard over and over again from friends and family was “enjoy your time and sleep now, you’ll never get it back!” And sheesh, was this true right?! Well motherhood is obviously about putting our children first, but don’t get me wrong, we just transformed our lives; we are SUPERWOMEN, and we deserve some time for US!

young mother kasha with tips for motherhood

Kasha’s 5 Easy Tips

Tip #1 –  Pick one night out of the week, even for just an hour to occupy the children/child (what works best for me is when my Avynn goes down for an hour+ nap).   I remember when she was first born everyone encouraged me to sleep while she slept. I did that for so long, until I realized both her and I were waking up with bed heads, rushing to get ready and on to appointments!

What works best is REST at night, NO MORE day naps! When the kids are occupied or resting, that is the perfect time for you to do something for you, even if just 1 hour a day!

Personally, I usually take that 1 hour a day to squeeze in a quick work-out, and jump in the shower! When she was younger I used to bring her bouncer right in the bathroom with me so I could still keep an eye on her while I relaxed in the hot shower. Before baby came along I remember it would take me almost an hour every shower, especially to shave my legs etc. After baby, I found myself rushing to get done just in case Avynn needed me.  Now, I realize that I can take that time and baby would be OK!

Also, after baby, I was introduced to an amazing shaving cream found right here at Undercover Wear Boutique. This Hemp shaving crème is my “go-to” I feel the shaving creams I used previously were too foamy and the water would knock the cream right off of my legs, and down the drain. I would then have to reapply more cream, and repeat. Now I just use a few pumps of my Hemp shaving crème and its thickness stays on my skin while I shave, adding water allows it to lather, so I am IN LOVE!

Tip #2 – What is most important about finding your free time is to decide what it is that you really need to get done.  I just find that pampering myself keeps me sane. Don’t just find time to get work done; remember you are still a strong, amazing person who gets the bonus of being called a mother!

Tip #3 – PLAN AHEAD! Organization can be so tough especially with diapers in your purse, or dirty bibs in the car, with a crazy child ruling the house! Keeping a routine will allow you to have a structured way to your day which then = less stress. And for the kiddies, that means they are adapting to a lifestyle that you have organized!

Young mother Kasha's tips for new moms

Tip #4 – Balance comes with adaption. Trying to create routines at first is tiring, once you find what works best for you, the children will adapt as well! And if you can create balance, it opens so many doors. Before having children we learned from birth how to balance whatever lifestyle we were maintaining. All that changes now is putting our needs on hold temporarily, while making sure our children are all set! But when you find this balance that is when it is most important to reward yourself!

Tip #5 – MAKE A DATE NIGHT W/YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Just because you are a parent now does not mean your fun has to end! Throw on a cute little lingerie set to spice up the night. Pick something from our “Sexy Gifts” Collection.  Find something that works for you because keeping in touch with your sexuality is key. (My personal favorite is the all-in-one “Sexy Nights Gift Package” – it has lingerie, lotions, bath bombs and more!)  Remember, YOU ARE AMAZING, you are a mother.  Plan ahead, set a date. and pamper yourself and be sexy! I feel best when I plan ahead, am well groomed, have had a relaxing shower, and I’m wearing a nice & sexy outfit!

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Always remember what your passions were and incorporate them into your new lifestyle! When you became a mother, your life expanded, did not end. The word ‘routine’ can sound so boring, but I guarantee you once you adapt, and child adapts, there will be room for so much growth!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!  (And just for reading all the way to the end, here’s a bonus for you!  When you shop at UCWBoutique – use my name, “Kasha” at checkout for a 10% discount on your order!)