Vacation Time! Tips for packing for Warm Weather.


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Hello again – or I guess I should say, “Aloha” since I just came back from the most exotic place I’ve visited yet, Maui Hawaii!! 

Talk about relaxing; the islands are physically and organically stunning!! My husband, his parents and I all traveled together to the Kaanapali side of the Maui. After the traitorous snow storms Massachusetts had been hit with, we had sun, drinks and food, on repeat for eight days. Before my husband (whose name is Adam by the way) tied the knot we lived in Miami for three years. I am an expert on how to pack for a warm climate. I am going to take you into how I prepare for a warm destination and break down how to pack. Most will agree the only dreadful tag a vacation comes along with is filling that damn suitcase.jackie11

You must start with preparing your skin! Whether you are traveling from the cold or not you still are going to spend more time in the sun on a tropical vacation than usual. After much time experimenting with products, I have found two simple secret weapons.

Neutrogena sesame body oil. It is so moisturizing without any greasy residue. It works great with all skin types. Start using it when your trip is near. Now I use the oil as an everyday moisturizer right after I get out of the the shower while my skin is still damp. I shake the bottle and put it everywhere. This works as a serum, I put extra on my chest because this is where I am prone to burn in the sun. Your skin will become so smooth preventing burning and peeling from all the sun exposure.

Lotions for Travel

The second product is the UnderCoverWear “Skinny Dip” body lotion. I took this beauty with me in my suitcase. It has an easy to close pump that will not leek. This lotion leaves skin silky with no residue because it contains no fillers. Most lotions contain “mineral oil”, which is a junky cheap oil companies use to fill the bottle. Mineral oil clogs pores and does not moisturize. Skinny Dip contains all natural ingredients, including hemp oil. After a day of being in the sun I like to head back to my room shower, before I get dressed for the night I lather in the lotion. Skinny Dip is also amazing for keeping that envious glowing tan once you return home ;).

Packing Essentials! 

1.  Pack light – Keep in mind your on vacation you do not want to spend hours getting ready each night (nor does anyone want to wait for you) taking valuable time away!

2.  Pajamas – Baby dolls & Chemises are cute, sexy and comfortable! UCW has what I think is the best one yet! The color is a turquoise blue with dainty lace detail and looks great with any skin tone. This fits great with or without a bra. Also when you order anything from UCW it comes delicately and lightly wrapped in tissue paper. I packed this right in my suitcase and it was perfect!


3.  Dresses – Dresses are light in weight, and perfect for day and night! While in Maui we, took a day trip to the small surfer town of Paia. I found the most beautiful hidden gem boutique where I bought the loveliest dress. The store is called “Tamara Catz” Everything in the store was unique and too die for! Lucky for us they have an online site. Next time I need a special dress I am defiantly ordering one from here. All the clothes run true to size, and come with a pretty sea green reusable bag.


4.  Sunscreens – Buy them at the local store down town or at your hotel gift shop. Trust me you don’t want to have to pack them twice, this makes life easier.

5.  Hair Products –  Salt water and chlorine dries hair out and can drastically alter it’s color regardless if its colored or not. I found a lifesaver. My consistently proficient and pleasurable colorist Ciara Barretto at Rudolph Adamo Salon (in Cohasset, MA) turned me on to a hair tonic spray by “Hairo”. This is a very light weight spray for hair and scalp, it contains SPF and all natural oils to condition and protect. I brought it to the beach/pool and sprayed on my dry or wet hair before taking a dip! This stuff is the real deal.So, with the essentials out of the way, here is my entire Packing List for an 8-day tropical getaway:



  • lingerie
  • neutral beach cover up
  • swim suits (2)
  • flip flops
  • beach bag
  • sun glasses (I wear polarized gold Ray Band aviators)

Day Outfits

  • cut off shorts
  • gym shorts
  • sun dresses
  • Ts and tanks
  • sneakers


Night Out


  • simple pieces that can be mixed and matched with any outfit
  • turquoise
  • gold bangles, gold hoop earrings

So those are my lists & tips!  Now, just hop online and book your Tropical Getaway!  After this winter, I think we all deserve a break!


-Jacquelyn B

P.S. Follow me on my Instagram@jacquelynloves and Twitter @jacky_billotte



Meet Lisa


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Hi everyone! My name is Lisa; I am married to my best friend of twenty plus years and a working mom of a busy teen and almost tween. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family at the beach or at home cooking and watching movies, volunteering at my kid’s school and taking yoga classes or having coffee with friends. I have always enjoyed “shopping as therapy” and love to grab quality clothes and beauty products at a great price. Nothing beats finding a fabulous outfit or cozy but cute PJs at a bargain to lift your spirits after a hectic week!


Let’s face it, busy moms and working women often leave themselves off the “to do” list! One of the great things about UCW Boutique is that it makes great clothes and beauty products easily accessible and affordable. I love that the PJ’s are pretty and feminine, but also comfortable. It is so refreshing to have a variety of styles to choose from that flatter your figure, no matter your body type or size. The short sets are my faves. It is so much nicer to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and pretty while watching TV or reading, instead of feeling sloppy and worn out wearing old yoga pants and a t-shirt. I love it that I don’t have to look dumpy to be comfy. 😉

RedPantsCouch (2 of 6)

I think that it is important to make time for yourself, especially when you are hard at work taking care of others, whether you have young children or aging parents. When you feel good you look good! Even in the midst of this harsh New England winter, when I am the least motivated to put extra time into my beauty routine, I try to take care of my skin. All the drying heat and lack of humidity leaves my skin uncomfortably dry and flaky. It is worth those few extra minutes to layer on a great moisturizer each day. I really like UCW Body Moisture Meringue; it absorbs quickly into the skin and smells amazing! Now my skin will be smooth and healthy looking when I can finally pull my tanks and shorts out of their hibernation. Taking that little bit of extra time for me helps me feel energized going into my day.

Feeling great, looking your best and taking time for yourself is what helps inspire confidence. UCW Boutique celebrates women of all shapes and sizes looking their best and being their best. I look forward to being a part of the blog team here. ‘Till next time, thanks for reading!

Top Ten Turn-Ons for Him


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Thanks to my 30+ years with UndercoverWear, I have been featured in magazines, on radio and on a plethora of TV Talk shows. In my professional career, I have worked with over 300,000 women. And UndercoverWear has visited over 10 MILLION bedrooms. (Oh the stories we could tell). So I believe that even Judge Judy would consider me an “expert witness” in romance & sexuality.

So based on my experience, let’s talk about what most men consider “turn-ons”. Now before I get lots of notes of contradiction–I said “most men” –not all men.


  1. Bright Red fingernails and Toenails – If you don’t have long nails naturally, there are now many options to create “sexy nails.”   Stay away from the “pretty flower patterns–just make them bright red. While you’re at it, might as well add bright red lipstick – very vixen! And you’ll definitely want a “lip plumper”. UCW Boutique has THE BEST @ it’s only $16.99.

TIP FROM TIFFANY: Make sure you get a lipstick sealer or once you start kissing, you will look like Bozo the clown.

9.  Dance for him – First things first, DON’T worry about your skill level! As long as you move those hips and dance provocatively, you’re all set. Wondering what song to use? Try one of these:

  • Private Dancer – Tina Turner
  • Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker
  • Drunk in Love – Beyonce
  • Gimme More – Britney Spears
  • Hot in Here – Nelly

TIP FROM TIFFANY: (OK, I admit, I only knew the first one. I had to ask the girls at the office for some more ~contemporary~ choices!)

8.  Dirty Talk – Yep it’s true, we hate it and they love it. Start by sending dirty texts all day about what you are going to do when he sees you. Then, continue with the words and actions when you get together.

7.  Smoky Eyes – This is simple, just buy a black eye pencil, eye shadow and practice. There is a GREAT kit from Sephora which is amazing and makes Smoky Eyes even easier!

6.  Sexy black lingerie – Forget those expensive long silk nightgowns. They are a waste of money. All he cares about is something that is black and sexy. He’ll be thrilled. Add thigh high and stiletto heels and you’re all set. Even better, wear the thigh highs out to dinner or on a date and discreetly show him. He’ll be drooling all night.

BlackLingerieCouch (7 of 7)

5.  Give him a sexy massage – Use massage oils or heated oils to give him a sexy massage at home. The key to this being a turn-on for him is that while he’s naked while receiving the massage, you have to be naked while giving the massage.

4.  Wear a wig – to create a whole different you. Not only will he love the change, but you’ll FEEL completely different with each color and/or hair style Of course if you’re really adventurous, you could continually change your own hair color. I change mine like most women change nail polish.   But actually, I wouldn’t recommend that.

3.  Porn – While women connect emotionally, Men are visual – hence their obsession with movies and videos. The great news for women is that there are now lots of women-friendly adult movies and videos in the marketplace. You don’t have to watch creepy guys with mustaches who arrive at the door to “fix her plumbing” anymore! Plus, with the internet – it’s easy to find and free!

plumber 2

2.  IN THE BEDROOM wear an outfit that is much too short and much too tight – Please notice I said “IN THE BEDROOM” not out clubbing. The one opportunity you have to look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (before the makeover) is in your bedroom with your honey. Trust me, the tighter and shorter the better. Oh, and the boots make a great addition.

1.  And the number one turn on for the man in your life is – YOU!!!!

Seriously, stop worrying about those extra 10 pounds or how ridiculous you feel wearing that skimpy baby doll with your pendulous breasts resting on your protruding stomach, while your thighs are gently rubbing together.

Trust me, when you see “pendulous breasts” –he sees “big boobs.” What you see as “thunder thighs”, he sees as “his entrance to your hidden pleasure”. And as long as you feel SEXY and ACT SEXY — you will BE SEXY!

So ladies remember – take control – TURN HIM ON and really let GO and have FUN!